the hip bone is connected to the…

What a brutal beatdown of Canuck hockey!! but awesome for the Beantown bruisers. For those not following the NHL Playoffs, the Vancouver Canucks won the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals, only to lose game three in Boston by a wide margin.

but I digress from my thoughts. A friend of mine has asked me for help/tips on Twitter with her business. This kinda surprised me, but thinking about it, it feels kinda good too. To be asked to help a successful business venture into a new media. I’m still amazed that I have over 750 followers on Twitter. So there’s something I can share. At least I’ll do my best.

I joined my friends, Shane and Adam, playing softball this year. I’m getting quite the lesson in anatomy, my anatomy that is. I haven’t been very active the few years. I’m of average size, but never been one to be very sporting, and definitely not one to go to the gym. So being in an office setting, I haven’t stretched my leg muscles more than getting up to go to the printer and back.

First week I pulled my hamstring and it’s still tricky, but getting stretched out more. then tonight, playing third base, I pulled my groin muscle. I’m fine but I jumped in the whirlpool tub this evening after supper. that felt nice!!


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