One word wrap-up

Wow, what a year! I’d chosen photography as my one word for the year.

The way I’d chosen to focus on my one word was to create a photo blog as part of a Photo 365 project. That project died after 33 days. My focus on photography never died.

I’ve spent the summer heading to the Capital, enjoying reggae music on Wednesdays and the Feels Good party on Thursdays. Check out my Facebook page AT to see some of the 20 albums I have included there.

I had a website that died when my hosting plan ended. I’ve been in the contemplation process of how to restart the site. I want to provide an online solution that allows a person to order prints off my site.

I have become the owner of a external flash and a zoom lenses. Having the equipment to feel comfortable shooting events was an important thing for me. More equipment is planned for 2012.

I’m looking forward to see what 2012 holds.

About douglas

A lefty, Doug is a creative entrepreneur . He enjoys being a community activist, photographer and writer. View all posts by douglas

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