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Hello, My name is Douglas and I’m searching for a job

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I have been employed for Marriott Hotels for the last 6 years, in their Global Reservations Sales and Customer Care Centre, located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Last week I received a letter stating that my position and all positions in the centre are being eliminated effective mid-February.

This means I have 5 and a half months to find a new job. In my current job, I have worked formally in 2 separate departments, being trained and certified in the Ritz Carlton Gold Standard of Service; and learning the process of inventory management and wholesaler reservations, dealing with travel companies on behalf of a selection of Marriott hotels.

When asked to transition to a new role to help another associate, I rose to the challenge of becoming proficient in a third department, one of direct support to our sales agents, while striving to keep up on my previous knowledge and training. I knew I had succeeded when sales associates complimented me on my job, both in the doing and after I returned to my previous position.

During the past few years, I have also focused on my personal development. I have had an long-time interest in photography, which has resulted in the increased dreams of building my photography as a business. My manager at Marriott has encouraged me in this development. She trusted me to be the photographer for a charity event sponsored by the centre.

I have also been entrusted to be the photographer at work functions, like our annual year end party and taking the new hire portraits for our staff photo wall. My passion for photography has grown due to opportunity I have had because of the encouragement of my manager.

I seek an new job that utilizes my developed skills of lateral thinking, creativity and problem solving. I have compassion and empathy for my co-workers. I want to help them succeed. I seek a job that gives me the opportunity to support others in their success.

Do you know of jobs like I seek? Do you have job search techniques to share?



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Being an active participant in the Anglican tradition has caused me to consider the reason I left my previous tradition of denominational Pentecostalism. The tension in my life between faith and action, my words and my deeds is the short answer.

I’ve studied theology with a focus on missiological issues. In my Pentecostal tradition, I was a Missions Major. Missions was something you do overseas. I wanted to do this so bad. I wanted my faith to be active in doing the work of God. Little did I expect to find a shift in thinking and the dropping of an S from my missions mindset.

I lived in Nairobi, Kenya as part of my theology training. This forced me to look at my faith and how it was easy to live an outwardly Christian life when you are the different in society. What happens when you are the same in society. Being a Christian in a Christian Bible College is easy. Being a Christian doing missions is easy. But being a Christian when no one is paying attention to you is hard.

Learning to be a Christian in action, not just because it was my cultural heritage, was, still is, important to my journey from a Pentecostal ecclesiological tradition to the more formal Anglican tradition. I found that for myself my faith needs to be challenged into action. Being spiritually active is important, but care for the physical is equally important.

Walking the tightwire between spiritual activity on a Sunday and the everyday activity of life is tough, and requires a daily struggle. Scripture describes pure religion as this: to care for orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world. I really don’t know what it means to keep myself unstained by the world.

However, I do know that volunteering at the local community kitchen is helpful to the people who utilize this. I know that volunteering/working in non-profit settings is helpful to those served by the non-profit. Everyone has their own issue that drives them. Some people get involved in fundraising for a charity. Some people volunteer for the Red Cross. Some people make a difference by being a coach for a local school.

It is in the everyday activity that I seek to live the Christian life. Attending religious services on Sunday are secondary for me, but still a priority.

What’s your history? What’s your mission?

Putting on the Ritz

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I have travelled and slept in some different places. The floor in a pastor’s home in Bermuda, in a mud hut in Kisii, Kenya, in a discount hotel in Seoul, the VIA rail train between Miramichi and Montreal, my car while on the road, to name a few.

I’m still amazed when I travel and because of my employment that I am able to stay the the Ritz-Carlton. I have been making reservations for Marriott and its branded hotels for almost 6 years now.

In this time, I have been able to stay at Marriott hotels, Courtyard hotels, Renaissance hotels, Residence Inn, Springhill Suites, Towneplace Suites and certainly not the least, Ritz-Carlton hotels. One of the perks of working for Marriott hotels is the employee discount. So if you are a hospitality minded person, look for a job with one of the large multi-national hospitality companies. Your vacations will be better for it.

And sometimes more ironic too. A number of years ago I went to Washington for conference talking about poverty while staying at the Ritz, free. The irony being staying at one of the most luxurious hotels while…well, you get the picture.

What are your favourite places to travel?

Oil and Wine

There was a widow who had 2 children. Her creditors were hounding her, threatening to take her children as payment. What an awful situation for a mother to find herself!

There was a wedding reception. The party was going strong, that is until the wine run out. What an embarrassing situation for the wedding planner! Not to say anything about the bride and groom.

Scarcity of money, scarcity of products. It happens to the best of us.

But what makes these stories remarkable is the ending of both.

The widow spoke to a prophet, who told her to collect empty jars and use her only jar of oil to fill the empties. She exercised faith and filled the empties. She ran out of oil when she ran out of empties. The prophet told her to sell the oil, pay her debts and live on the rest.

The wedding was also a miracle of empties being filled. And the servants who presented the wine to the chief steward, they really had to exercise faith that that they were presenting wine to him, rather than the water that filled the empties. It turned out the wine was better than the wine previously served at the wedding.

These two stories are found in 2 King 4 and John 2 respectively. They show the provision of God, in the exercise of the faith. The evidence of things not seen. It is the exercise of faith that was the job of the people involved in these stories. God’s job was the provision of just enough at the exact right time.

Conflict in faith

Faith is confidence or trust in a person or entity, according to Wikipedia. I have grown up in a Pentecostal home, so the idea of faith in God came easy to me.

In school, I enjoyed mathematics and sciences.  Faith in logic and reason came easy to me.

It never dawned on me that the two faiths could live together.  I can’t pinpoint the time that I started to merge the two faiths I had into one faith.

It might have been in bible college when I studied Apologetics. I learned that 1+1+1=1. Wrap your head around that.

It might have been during the development of my friendship with an atheist. This is one moment in my life that I look to as being essential to an authentic faith, one that is not separated into different spheres and circles.

I’ve considered the idea that faith in the teaching of Jesus could be misplaced, but it is a chance I have decided to be worth taking. I want to live my faith in action, merging the faith of my childhood with the faith of my adulthood.

In letting faith choose me for One Word 365 and change me as I blog and contemplate on my journey, I expect the year ahead to be a phenomenal year.

I hope to get to know my fellow one-worders, starting with Kalisis Rising (opportunities) and Jason (more). These individuals are my immediate linkmates on the Community page at One Word 365. thank you, Alece for choosing to keep the community growing. You see that, Alece. I used your word.

Faith #oneword365

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1 (ESV)

I had been contemplating my One Word for the coming year.  I had a vague feeling that it should be faith, but no real reason to affirm faith as my one word.

This is until today, New Year’s Day. You see, I am an Anglican and today being Sunday, the service for today is a special service called the Bishop’s Eucharist. I also have a recurring role in my church as verger, which means I set in order the table for Eucharist (Communion, as it is known to some). I look after the little details as it relates to the service. If you ever attend the Cathedral I serve, then the hymn numbers are there because I put them there.

With the Bishop’s Eucharist, it means that the Dean of Cathedral is not around. The Dean of the Cathedral is the Priest who pastors the Cathedral congregation. The Bishop of the Diocese celebrates the Eucharist for New Year’s Day. It’s really that simple. The Bishop’s Eucharist.

God is my great Verger in that he looks after the little details of my life. The Bishop preached on the verse in Hebrews that says “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (KJV). I don’t need a club up the side of my head to know that my year is to be centred on faith.

Join me as I journey in faith, going deeper, searching what God is up to.

My One Word for 2012 Faith Journey is going to be recounted on my personal blog: Han Kyoul’s Musings, which is separate from the Justice Journey. I fully expected some cross-over, but will try not to duplicate posts if it can be helped.

This post is part of the community at Check out the others who are making their One Word resolution for 2012.

One word wrap-up

Wow, what a year! I’d chosen photography as my one word for the year.

The way I’d chosen to focus on my one word was to create a photo blog as part of a Photo 365 project. That project died after 33 days. My focus on photography never died.

I’ve spent the summer heading to the Capital, enjoying reggae music on Wednesdays and the Feels Good party on Thursdays. Check out my Facebook page AT to see some of the 20 albums I have included there.

I had a website that died when my hosting plan ended. I’ve been in the contemplation process of how to restart the site. I want to provide an online solution that allows a person to order prints off my site.

I have become the owner of a external flash and a zoom lenses. Having the equipment to feel comfortable shooting events was an important thing for me. More equipment is planned for 2012.

I’m looking forward to see what 2012 holds.

the hip bone is connected to the…

What a brutal beatdown of Canuck hockey!! but awesome for the Beantown bruisers. For those not following the NHL Playoffs, the Vancouver Canucks won the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals, only to lose game three in Boston by a wide margin.

but I digress from my thoughts. A friend of mine has asked me for help/tips on Twitter with her business. This kinda surprised me, but thinking about it, it feels kinda good too. To be asked to help a successful business venture into a new media. I’m still amazed that I have over 750 followers on Twitter. So there’s something I can share. At least I’ll do my best.

I joined my friends, Shane and Adam, playing softball this year. I’m getting quite the lesson in anatomy, my anatomy that is. I haven’t been very active the few years. I’m of average size, but never been one to be very sporting, and definitely not one to go to the gym. So being in an office setting, I haven’t stretched my leg muscles more than getting up to go to the printer and back.

First week I pulled my hamstring and it’s still tricky, but getting stretched out more. then tonight, playing third base, I pulled my groin muscle. I’m fine but I jumped in the whirlpool tub this evening after supper. that felt nice!!

My comment to predictable worship?

predictable worship? is here:

I was born and raised in a Pentecostal home, went to a Pentecostal Bible College, interested in Pentecostal ministry and missions work. I might have been fine in that but God had different plans. He challenged my faith by giving me an opportunity to become friends with a self-professed atheist. From my perspective I never expected to meet someone with a similar outlook on life but having come to that in a different manner than I. It challenged me that for my faith to grow, I need to challenge it daily. I set off on a voyage of exploration and discovery in my Christian faith that has recently culminated in my leaving my Pentecostal church for an Anglican Cathedral. I left for the fact that the Pentecostal worship was predictable, having been immersed in it since birth. I have settled into Cathedral life in the Sung Eucharist, even joining the choir. Yes, it is unpredictable for me, not having been immersed in the Anglican expression since birth.

However, being an outsider breaking into the Anglican expression gives me perspective on the worship I find in the Anglican tradition. I am of the belief that the Anglican liturgy has a richness of faith which encourages me to spiritual practice. I gladly get up in time be ready at 9am on Sunday to sing in the choir. I’ve given up other endeavours to make my way to Eucharist during the week (and have done so joyfully). At times in the Pentecostal church, I was simply disengaged at best and extremely cynical at worst. I did not want to go to church, and when I did, I did not want to be there.

Standing firm in the historical mainstream of the past 2000 years, growing a congregation is not about numerical growth by watering the message down or using marketing techniques to bring people into our congregation. What we need to do is SHOW LOVE to one another. If we are looking for numerical growth in our congregations, then we need to be showing LOVE to our communities around by us. There is a place for marketing and promotion, but not at the expense of the message. We should not falsely advertise what people will find in our congregations. We need to be real and authentic, both inside the congregation and in the community. People will be attracted to our love of God which we express through our love of neighbour.

Our faith is sufficient to carry us to the ends of the earth and back. I find the “rote, predictable and uninspiring” to be very inspiring. It is like an anchor, a reminder of the faith I was raised to believe. To dismiss the worship of any given service or congregation is to denigrate that congregation. I strongly believe that the Pentecostal church I left is a valid expression of worship for some and would gladly visit, now that I have begun the process of living a spiritual life of love from the heart, not the head.

The Impact of Twitter on my friendships

For this post, I am posting my comment on the Spark CBC blog, regarding social media and friendship. Here is the link to the Spark site. I’ve talked about my personal life interacting with individuals. I’ve tried to protect their personal privacy by not specifically naming them, but from the details, some of the individuals will recognize themselves.

HI, thanks, Elizabeth, Dan and Nora for choosing to take your jobs at CBC which led you to the assignment of creating Spark. I have only got into regular podcasting listening in the last year, getting an iPhone helped. I’m been very selective to how much information I am choosing to listen to, with only six podcasts on my computer. And there is only one I must listen to, which is Spark.

As for thoughts on friendship, I think my use of Twitter has changed my life for the better. I joined Twitter initially to follow a few public figures, celebrities and musicians. I soon became a Twittaholic.

Before you tune out of my long comment, I think Twitter has enhanced my weak ties of friendship, helped me maintained old friendships and has created new friendships, some face to face, others Twitter Mention and DM to Twitter Mention and DM.

I like the fact that I can follow and communicate with interesting people I would have probably have never met in any other form. Twitter has become a weak tie networking tool for me. I care more about the people in my community, because I talk to more of them and listen to on Twitter. I have been to the two Tweetups organized in my adopted home city of Fredericton.  At the last Tweetup, I met the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and received an invite to one of their events. I had been following this lady for a while but did not know her job until I met her face to face at the Tweetup. I am interested in continuing getting to know this woman, as a business contact and friend.

It has helped me cross the political divide. I am involved in provincial politics here in NB with the NDP. Through Twitter and the Tweetup, I met a provincial Liberal involved in politics in the same riding I live and volunteer. We have had a few debates/conversations over Twitter. It has been quite cordial and non-partisan; at least I believe it’s been that way. Outside of our individual politics, it seems that we have similar interests. I would say a friendship is developing.

I am also using Twitter to keep in touch with a friend who moved away from Fredericton to Moncton. We used to hang out a lot with other mutual friends. Being busy with lots of things going on, I’ve never embraced the telephone, except as a brief communication tool; i.e. to call someone I couldn’t see face to face to get info I needed. I have avoided the phone for maintaining social interactions. So using Twitter has allowed me to keep in touch with a friend that I might have kept in touch with without it. The interesting thing is that we met in the late 1990s, met again years later, became good friends, but our face to face closeness comes and goes. Everything we are face to face or in close contact regularly, our friendship continues right where it left off.

I have also embraced Twitter as a way to engage with people I have never met, maybe never will, but relish the day I can meet them.  Before Twitter, my social interaction online was limited to circles of people I already knew. For me it was the trust issue.  Talking to others in chat rooms, a person can be anyone, they can embellish their real life and I cannot verify it. I don`t know why I feel that Twitter has changed that. It may be the Web 2.0 effect. People want to be known and identified, and that happens through honest conversations, whether deep or superficial. I now have followers in New Zealand and Great Britain that I converse with, on a semi regular basis. I hope someday I can travel and meet them.

And most importantly, I have a friendship on Twitter that seems to be becoming a deeper friendship. This friend lives in Nashville. I followed her because I am interested in the Christian music scene and she works for a band based in Nashville. I added her on Facebook and she asked if I was a follower from Twitter. I started reading her blog regularly. She blogs about her regular life, mixed with some band stuff, and stuff she finds interesting. We emailed back and forth a little bit, chatted live on Skype. However, our primary communication is through Twitter and the Direct Message function. On Twitter, it started like any other connection. I would RT her interesting Tweet. We talked publicly for a while and then one day, I noted that she DMed me from a public question. From then on, it’s been almost exclusively a private conversation. We see each other’s public tweets and we talk about life and whatever suits us through DM.

I look forward to the day that I can meet her and give her a big hug of friendship. She has impacted me more profoundly than many of the people I know face to face. And to me that is an important thing for friends to do.

To sum up, Twitter, being only one social media tool, has enhanced my weak ties, brought old friends together in a shared activity (we’re both building a social media brand around our identity) and created new friendships.